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About Us

The Deaf eLimu Banking App is a Banking Kenyan Sign Language self-training tool
developed by Kenya Bankers Association in Partnership with FSD-Kenya and Deaf eLimu Plus.


Product Features

Banking Dictionary

Banking environment vocabulary in Kenyan Sign Language(KSL)


Bring the difference between KSL grammar and English grammar through these short phrases.


Deaf eLimu Banking Community will record and share their sign language videos and phrases relating to Banking vocabulary for learning and sharing within the banking environment and the community.


Below are additional resources on Kenyan Sign Language:-

  • Learn Sign Languages
  • Online Tutorials and Videos
  • Entertainment Sites
  • Sign Language Training
  • Sign Language Interpretation Services

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Kenya Bankers Association
FSD Kenya
Deaf eLimu Plus

Deaf eLimu Banking

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Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi

+254-20-2221704 / +254-20-2217757
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